Sri Lanka – The Pearl of Indian Ocean (4/4)

Bentota to Colombo

After chilling in Bentota, we started to Colombo, the capital city, on our fourth and final day. We have to catch our flight back by night. It is a 2-hour drive to the city.

Colombo has given us the first impression of a buzzing city with high rises, traffic jams and people around. Fee buildings in this port city gives you a feeling of British Colonial era. However this city is moving towards modernization with taller towers getting constructed.


Kite Festival at Galle Face

The biggest surprise has been flying kites on the beach at Gallery Face. This place is completely different from the seasides which we had seen earlier in Sri Lanka. It’s a busy sea shore with full of life like any other metropolitan city.

There were children and adults all alike flying kites enjoying the breeze with skyscrappers in the backdrop


Overall impressions of Sri Lanka. Good, Bad and Ugly

Overall Srilanka is a very beautiful country. Adding to this the expenses is not at all burden to your wallet. People here are hospitable, they smile every time we meet them. They are disciplined and I am surprised especially to see their traffic sense. Being so close to India geographically yet very different culturally.

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