Culinary Travels – Treat to your tastebuds

As the name suggests this trip is for those who love enjoying different types of food and do not hesitate to travel any distance to taste them. It is defined as the pursuit of unique and memorable eating and drinking experiences. 

Food has been an integral part of cultural experience. Because each dish has a history and culture attached to it. Culinary Travels are generally more researched and planned trips. It is expected we have some knowledge on local dishes and try them. For Example, Tamataar Chat is available at various places in Varanasi. But you should know that Deena Chat Bandar is the place to have. This requires thorough research.

It would be great if you can find a local who can take you through the best restaurants, cafes or pubs. Food tours are better experienced through walks like city heritage walks.

Important Activities

  1. Cooking Classes
  2. Food Tours or simply walking tours that take you to famous street food or restaurants
  3. Food festivals. There are many such in India.
  4. Speciality dining experiences. For Example, Sadhya in Trivandrum.

Let’s talk about Cooking Classes. These include short lessons for a few hours to full-day to multi-day courses. The focus generally is on foreign tourists where they learn the local cuisine of the country they are visiting. It enhances the cultural experiences and the tourist carries unique recipes to his/her country.

Food Tours are more dynamic in nature. They depend on operator to operator. These days many cities especially in Europe offer such food tours. These are generally walking tours with limited group ranging from 3 to 20 people in a group. The tour is moderated by a guide (most of the times it is a local) and he is expected to take you through all the unique places of that city. The duration ranges from three hours to half a day. In this tour the guide assumes that the tourists eat anything.


  1. Have complete knowledge on what the dish is made of before tasting.
  2. Be aware if you are allergic to dairy, gluten or any other items so that you don’t end up regretting what you just ate.
  3. Each dish is unique. You like few while you hate few. You should be open to all tastes. It’s like taking an adventure ride for your taste buds.

So do follow, having a great time and enjoy your experience. Below are few links that I would like to share which provide culinary travels and experiences.

  1. Classic Journeys
  2. 10 Mouth Watering Culinary tours around the world
  3. Virtuoso Culinary Travel
  4. International Kitchen

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