Transformative Travel – Popular among millennial travellers?

Transformative Travel is becoming a buzzword for millennial travellers for the past couple of years. Many travel agencies have started showcasing life changing benefits through their itineraries.

It focuses on the self-discovery and self-reflection of the traveller. The learning and experiences are expected to be used in day-to-day life back at home. It is all about the personal growth the travel develops and inspires an individual. It includes important life lessons, coaching and other tools of self-development during the journey.

This concept has especially inspired many of the millennials. They have the age with them and are hungry to experience new adventures. They want to become a better version of themselves.

Tranformative Travel takes many forms. 

It can be like

1) Stay in a buddhist monastery in Ladakh.

2) Taking Yoga classes in Rishikesh. 

3) A talk with the locals and knowing more about the ancient city of Varanasi.

Once this journey comes to an end you will have a different perspective towards your problems, your relationships, your life etc.

A word of caution

The traveller should not look at transformative travel as some reward for his hard work or to show off in social media. It is more about how to win the inner-self to fight the outer world. Of course, travel isn’t life changing if you do not put efforts to change your life. It does not transform you instantly, you should give importance to details and the magic lies in small moments.

When, Where and How do you start?

When you know it’s time for change. When you have just left your job or a relationship. When you feel stuck somewhere and looking for a direction and inspiration. When you are about to enter a new chapter in your life and want to experience through different eyes.

The journey of transformative travel starts from your home. 

  1. You should realize what’s truly important to your life. What do you want to achieve with this trip.
  2. Now that you have cleared your mental clutter go deep and think what you truly value with this trip and how what will translate to your next step of life.
  3. Choose the right destination or activities that you wish to undergo. Steps one and two will help you figure out.
  4. Live every moment of this trip and learn from each experience. Try to replicate your learning to your life once you are back.

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