Pangong Lake – Symbol of magnanimity

As soon as I have decided to visit Ladakh I actually visualized walking along the lake. Partly because of the climax scene in the film called 3 idiots. I was mesmerized by the clear blue waters when I saw this in many films and videos before. When I mentioned my plan to the travel organizer I had clearly stated that this lake is in my must visit place.

Lying at 14000 ft from sea level and 135 kms distance this lake is one of the largest lakes in India. Though only 1/3rd of the distance is in India and rest is in Tibet. Surprisingly this is a salt water lake without any outlet to the sea or river. The lake is too transparent to believe it is salt water.

How to reach?

There are 2 routes to reach Pangong Lake. One is from Leh town through Changla Pass. This route takes close to 5.5 to 6 hours if there are no stops. Another route is from Hundar in Nubra Valley. The distance and time taken are more or less the same. 

We have taken the route from Hundar and it passes through Shyok River for most of the is like literally travelling from Pakistan Border to Chinese Border. The landscapes and the natural beauty are breathtaking in this route.

What makes Pangong Lake so special?

Just a couple of kilometres before reaching the lake you will get the see the first view of the lake. It is like having a sneak peek into the dark blue hue with the mountains in the background. Once you see the lake in full view you will be in awe of it’s size, it’s colour. Such colors and water purity is a rarity in India. While in the past couple of days in Ladakh all the rivers are brown as it carries the brown silt from nearby banks. Now at seeing this you will be wondering where the color came from!

The place is refreshing and relaxing with sweet breeze with mountains in the background. At times lake turns green, that means the lake is shallow there.

Accommodation and facilities available at the Lake

The wavering climates at the place makes it unfit for any human inhabitation. But nothing can beat the Indian Army. They have few base camps on the banks of the lake. Apart from that there are many tents for tourists. The tents are cosy and has everything that is needed. All the tents are designed so that they have the lake view.

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