Why Goa isn’t about beaches anymore?

It’s already been 4 times for me and every time we headed to beaches and shacks. I had visited Goa in all seasons. Somewhere back of my mind I was little fed up with the idea of beaches visiting the same sea and sand. I was constantly intrigued by looking at Goa thinking what lies in this state apart from its sea, beaches and churches. Then I came across this place called Dudhsagar waterfalls.

Dudhsagar (sea of milk) lies on the border of Karnataka and Goa on Mondovi River. Apparently it separates both the states. The best way to view the falls is by train. There are very few passenger trains which pass through the place. The right time to visit this place is during monsoons or just after monsoons for obvious reasons.


The most amazing thing about this place is its calmness. This area is sparsely populated owing to the thick forest surrounded. The nearest village is Mollem. Occasional trains and travellers might disturb your peace, if not this is a very calm place.

Konkan Railways

It is well known that constructing a road is far easier than laying a railway track. It becomes even more tougher when you are dealing with hills and mountains. But the story is different for Konkan Railways. We see railway tracks on those hills where constructing roads is a distant dream. Respect to Konkan Railways. As I have earlier mentioned the best and the closest view of the falls is by train is just because of Konkan Railways. The railway track bisects the Dudhsagar cutting through the tunnels providing an amazing view.

Fun Fact: The Konkan Railway was pioneered by E. Sreedharan who is none other than our Metro Man of India (Started Delhi Metro).

Walk through railway line

It was definitely my first experience to walk through the railway line. It was a walk from Dudhsagar to the nearest railway station, Kulem, towards Madgaon. One will have a refreshing feeling walking through lush green patches on either side of the track.


How to Reach?


Castle Rock in Karnataka or Kulem in Goa are nearest railway stations. Dudhsagar is present between these two stations. There are very few trains which pass through these stations (Goa Sampath Kranti is one of them). However locals escort you to Dudhsagar from Kulem over their bikes if you pay them. But I would suggest it is not a great experience riding a bike on the gravel laid on railway lines.

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